Meet Briana

Briana Faith Mumford

I am a modern day woman with an entrepreneurial spirit. My passion for writing coupled with copious amounts of coffee help fuel the generation of material for this site, where I’ve constructed colorful assemblages of articles, features and blog posts. Aside from my love for writing I am an amateur watercolor painter, recruiting coordinator and dedicated gym junkie.



Being a 23-year-old post grad from the University of South Florida, I majored in Journalism and Magazine Editorials. I was the Editor-in-Chief of the USF sector of Her Campus, but have since traded in my editing skills for a more corporate career path, working in federal security.

My love for literature stems from my mother, who’s a compulsive romance novel bookworm. Gilmore Girls is an easy comparison when referencing our mother-daughter relationship. As a single parent, she successfully obtained her bachelors and masters degree by the time I was 10. With this being said, growing up with a mother who has a love for books, drive for life, and unwillingness to settle resonated with me and is instilled into my very being.

I seek to inspire young women to break the contemporary mannequin mold and empower themselves through knowledge and embracing their femininity. Coyness will not cut it in today’s society and this site is meant to not only showcase my own writing achievements and work, but also to motivate and influence young adult women.