About Briana Faith.


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I consider myself a modern day woman with an entrepreneurial spirit and business mindset.

Graduating from the University of South Florida in May of 2017, I received my Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication with a sequence in Journalism and Magazine Editorials. Within the same month, I celebrated my 23rd birthday and traveled to Thailand for 2 weeks. Despite my previous accomplishments, I was working a dead-end job and had no savings. While in transit from Shanghai to the United States, I applied to a job opening in the  Washington DC area and I now work in the Defense Contracting Industry.

Transitioning out of college, moving states and entering a corporate workplace was unexpectedly one of the most difficult tasks I have endured. BrianaFaith is a platform  and style-diary I’ve created to help encourage and inspire young women entering the corporate workforce. Each piece written is organic to my own experiences after college and contains knowledge I felt other women would benefit from. My goal is for women of all backgrounds to use this website as a catalyst to advance their own careers.