Avoiding The Holiday Coma


Thanksgiving break is coming to an end and absolutely no amount of over-indulgent self care will prepare us for the slump that awaits. After a Sunday filled with an extended Target run, pedicure and face mask I have sadly come to this realization.

It is easy to mentally check-out and coast until New Years, but why lose momentum now? With four weeks until Christmas, how can you get back into the swing of things and end 2018 successfully? Better yet, how can you avoid the holiday coma?

For those of you that live in the Washington D.C. and northern Virginia area, I”ve curated a list of networking events to attend. Just a couple of suggestions to get out of the house and continue furthering your career.

Career Fair | Arlington, VA | 12/3/2018
Looking for your next job? Attend the Arlington Career Fair to network and meet with hiring managers. Don’t forget to a copy of your resume and reference list!

Re-entering the Workforce | Vienna, VA | 12/3/2018
The perfect opportunity for mothers looking to re-enter the workforce! This networking event provides guidance to anyone who doesn’t know where to start.

Women In Cybersecurity |McLean, VA | 12/4/2018
Dedicated to uniting women in the cybersecurity industry; this event is a great place to network and hear of the accomplishments in cybersecurity and what is projected for 2019.

Wine Wednesday Tech Networking | Centerville, VA | 12/5/2018
Join over 50 other professionals in the tech industry for a wine night! If you are a recent graduate with an Information Technology degree, this networking event may possibly open job opportunities for you! (If it doesn’t, at least there’s wine)

Coffee & Networking | Washington D.C. | 12/7/2018
An event for like-minded entrepreneurial women who want to build business relationships.

ChallengeHer GSA | Washington D.C. | 12/11/2018
A networking event designed for women in the Federal Contracting industry. Big companies in the industry will be there, such as CACI and Lockheed Martin.

Speed Networking | Washington D.C. | 12/18/2018
This event works a lot like speed-dating, but without the dating portion. Network with professionals to expand your business, enterprise or social contacts. Just don’t forget your business cards!

Professional Development & Networking | Alexandria, VA | 12/20/2018
This development event focuses on customer relations, organizational growth, marketing strategies, branding, and social media!

Not in the DMV area? Check out www.eventbrite.com to see events happening in your area!



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