Next Steps: How To Ask For A Job Offer Letter

Consider the following scenarios:

  1. You’ve received a verbal job offer from a company, but no written offer letter yet.
  2. Your internship with a company is coming to an end and you want to inquire about a full-time, internal job position.

It is challenging to know how to react during these anxiety-inducing situations.  Without a written offer letter and clear direction, it is hard to know how to decipher your next steps. Sending a follow-up email is a great way to maintain communication and connection with potential employers, but understanding how to properly do so is where most people run into trouble.

Sending a Follow-Up Email

There’s a fine line between proactive and pushy. You want to display a can-do, energetic attitude without coming off as aggressive or snippy. Before sending an email, ensure you understand what may be causing the delay. Acting off impulse can raise red flags, therefore explore all possible reasoning’s before drafting an email.

Your follow-up email should be courteous and short. Your goal should be to express enthusiasm about the offer while asking for the status.

Below is a basic template to follow:


The example above reinforces the fact that you need an offer letter to move forward with the position, you are interested in the company and are being proactive in your job search. It is polite, yet still gets the point across.

Below is a follow-up email  I crafted for a young college graduate who has been interning with a company for 2 years. He was concerned with how to ask for a job offer without sounding demanding or entitled. The follow-up email is short and simple, but reiterates his degree, skills and dedication to the company.


Through these techniques you will be able to inquire about your potential job opportunities intelligently and gracefully.



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