The Practical Work Bag

For those of you who have the luxury to clock out and drop out, I envy you. My job requires me to be on call at all times, therefore I’m constantly lugging my purse and computer case back and forth from work.

I opted out for an all-in-one backpack that can carry all my essentials; computer, wallet, phone, etc. Although I loved my JanSport bag in high school, I was looking for something with more support and a little more polished.


The CALPAK backpack has become my go-to bag for work! CALPAK offers two different backpacks; the Laptop Backpack and the Round Backpack. I purchased the Laptop Bag, which can hold a 15-inch laptop, with room to spare for other items.

They offer this backpack in a variety of colors, but I of course purchased the bag in BLUSH (which is currently sold out!) The zippers can be a bit finicky, but otherwise the bag is completely worth the $89.00 cost. It has adjustable straps, a beautiful stitched frame, and is extremely durable.

If you are interested in purchasing the same or a similar one, check out the CALPAK website.



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