QUICKTIPS: Your High-Heel Hack

shoes 1

The difference between under-grad and post-grad life is as big as the difference between Steve Madden and  Manolo Blahnik. Classic, neutral, well-shaped heels never go out of style and once you start investing in high quality shoes, you have a whole new approach at maintaining them.

I occasionally travel for business and practically live in heels. As soon as I started noticing my favorite snake-skin pump’s heel tip was wearing down, I turned to google for solutions and found QuickTips.

QuickTips’ provide an instant high heel fix! They keep your heel tip intact and prevent them from wearing down. They’ve also created heel tips specifically designed to keep your shoe from sinking into the grass; perfect for outdoor weddings!

How they work:

quick tips

Below is a picture after walking half a mile in Washington, DC from dinner to a bar for happy hour. Where the pavement would’ve typically damaged my heel, the QuickTips protected them with barely a scratch!

heel tips



  1. Very useful information for the ladies of business today!

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