Business Travel Checklist – Your 4 Must-Haves

Most young professionals jump at an opportunity for business travel. Whether it’s frequent travel or just a quick overnight stay, nothing beats jetting across the country, schmoozing with executives and living off hotel room service.

Although business travel can be fun, it is never as glamorous as it seems. Catching flights, endless security lines and figuring out car rentals can put you on the fast track to stress (and break-outs).

Having experienced this first hand, I created a small list of business travel must-haves to help minimize stress and save you time!

Travel Stuff 2

  1. Foldable Ballet Flats

Walking conference floor plans can be daunting and often times I’m guilty of picking fashion over functionality for shoes. You can stick these compact flats in your purse and swap into them at any time! They’re Comfortable, portable cute and are absolute life savers for aching feet.

(Find a pair | here)


2. Business Card Holder

Invest in a business card holder. When it comes to first impressions, little details count! Not only is this functional, but you will appear polished and professional when networking.

(Find a similar one | here)


3. Emergen-C Packets

Not only does traveling weaken your immune system, but networking events require you to come into contact with a lot of people (and germs). I love traveling with these packets because they are full of vitamin C, zinc and electrolytes to keep me hydrated and help keep my immune system strong.

(Find them | here)


4. SHOUT Wipe & Go

Spill coffee on your white blouse during a meeting? These individually packaged wipes are small and portable; you can bring them everywhere you go! They’re easily disposable and absorb stains instantly.

(Find them | here)


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