Mother Daughter Winesday: A Gilmore Girls Relationship

Wednesday’s are reserved for wine; whether it’s a light, crisp glass of chardonnay or an oaky cabernet sauvignon. Rather than spending this past Wednesday binge watching Black Mirror and downing Mark West’s Pinot Noir, I spent the evening with my mother

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Growing up with a young mother, our relationship resembled that of sisters. Although we argued and fought, we were seemingly inseparable. Each trial and tribulation thrown our way we faced in unison, which I refer to as a Gilmore Girls Relationship; when your mother is more than just your parent, but your best friend, as well.
gilmore-girlsAs I’ve grown older, I’ve inherently become more consumed with life’s responsibilities, finding less time to spend with loved ones. Therefore, having a mother daughter wine night sounded like the perfect opportunity to incorporate two of my favorite things.

The night was complete with frozen pizza, channel flipping and a full-bodied merlot. The pizza and wine were courtesy of Publix, the one stop shop for all your basic needs. In attempts to find the healthiest frozen pizza option, if there is such a thing, I settled on Amy’s organic spinach-tomato pizza.

After standing in the wine isle for approximately 10 minutes and feeling overwhelmed by the options, finally someone who appeared to know what they were doing came to my rescue. He was a middle-aged man, dressed finely and wreaked of cigarettes; a veteran wine connoisseur. After mentioning I needed help, he recommended me a blue label bottle  by Francis Coppola.

Bottle: Francis Coppola Blue Label Merlot

Year: 2014

Price: $20

Thoughts: This is perfect if you have a wide palette and enjoy full bodied, heavier wines. Although it’s on the pricey side, I believe it to be worth the money. It has hints of cherry and toasted oak; definitely a drier wine. It would be great paired with a grilled steak or aged cheese; something savory to compliment its flavor.






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