Herbivore Phoenix Cell Regenerating Facial

Since puberty, many of us were taught that oil was the enemy; the cause of breakouts and greasy skin. With oil-free cleansers and lotions heavily marketed, who wasn’t to believe that our 10th grade breakouts were caused by oil, rather than overactive hormones?

Now, incorporating a facial oil is a staple in any skincare routine. A common problem many young women and men run into is finding out which facial oil works best for their skin type. This can be difficult due to the wide variety we see marketed in stores and online; with over 80 face oils alone being sold on Sephora’s website.

For those of you who know me personally, I am very particular about what I put on my skin, which is why I researched face oils for approximately 2 months before making my purchase with Herbivore Botanicals. Herbivore Botanicals is an all natural skincare line that is toxin free, cruelty free, plant-based and vegan. Because the oil is going to absorb into my skin, I wanted to ensure that I would be receiving the highest quality.

Phoenix Cell Regenerating Facial Oil



The Phoenix Regenerating Oil is a blend of luxurious botanical oils, designed to rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin.

Key Ingredients
Rosehip Oil: “Comes from the fruit of the wild rose plant, naturally rich in essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6, and 9 that regenerate skin cells and repair damaged tissue. Rosehip is also high in trans-retinoic acid which aids in preventing premature aging”
Sea Buckthorn Oil: “The richest natural source of Beta Carotene available. Beta Carotene is a natural form of Vitamin A that penetrates deeply into the skin to restore and revitalize from within”
CoQ10: “An important naturally occurring substance that assists in producing biological energy within the cells”
Meadowfoam Oil: “Known for forming a natural protective barrier to keep moisture and vitamins in the skin”
Chia Seed Co2: “An excellent natural source of Alpha Lipoic Acid to smooth fine lines and decrease inflammation while increasing skin’s natural glow and radiance. It is also the richest source of Omega 3 found in nature which makes it extra nourishing to the skin”
Neroli Oil: “Has been used for centuries to soften wrinkles, reduced veins and capillaries, and stimulate new growth in skin cells”


I purchased this bottle Nov. 17, 2016, using only a tiny portion of the 1.7 oz glass since. Each morning after washing my face, I use 3-4 drops on my skin and gently rub it in. It’s important to wait roughly 5 minutes before applying moisturizer in order to allow the oil to completely absorb into your skin.

During the first month of usage, my skin was getting acclimated to incorporating the oil into my regimen and I did not see any noticeable changes. With that being said, every morning I felt I was pampering myself when applying it. The thick-cut, rectangular glass bottle is beautiful and when applying the oil to your face you feel very self-indulgent.

herbivore bot2.JPG

After two months of usage, I’ve noticed my complexion is glowing. It provides an extra boost of nourishment to the surface layer of skin, but after extended use its penetrated deeper, allowing me to better see the results. The oil has helped my skin stay hydrated throughout the day, while also noticing a brighter and more even skin tone.

The photographs below were taken approximately 1.5 months after using the Phoenix Regenerating Oil. No filters or edits were applied (besides the hearts ♥) 

I’ve received compliments and questions from coworkers and friends, inquiring what I use and how I keep my skin healthy and it is partially thanks to Herbivore Botanicals. If you’re looking for a luxurious facial oil that rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin, I would strongly recommend this product. 




  1. never heard of this brand but I love facial oils

    1. You should check out their website! They recently partnered with Nordstrom, so you can find their staple products at your local mall 🙂

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