New face, who this?

Let’s talk Glossier; a brand that’s breaking the contemporary mannequin mold of beauty and makes us rethink skincare. Created by founder Emily Weiss in 2014, their philosophy is that skincare comes 1st, makeup 2nd.

“Hi! We’re Glossier, a beauty company inspired by what girls need in real life. We’re creating the new essentials: easy-to-use basics that form the backbone to your unique beauty routine.” – via Glossier website

Aside from the aesthetically pleasing packaging and sleek social media feed, Glossier focuses on “beauty in real life,” using women of all skin colors and ethnicities to promote their universal products. With heavy marketing on social media, the internet built brand has now become a sensation amongst young women across the nation and overseas. This past December  their showroom opened in New York City, showcasing their products in the most Instagram-worthy way. So naturally, while I was visiting the city I had to stop in and check it out. 

Although I tried everything in the showroom and far exceeded probably anyone else’s amount of time spent there, I purchased 4 products: their Priming Moisturizer, Boy Brow, Rose Balm Dotcom, and Haloscope.



Priming Moisturizer 


This is a lightweight, buildable hydrating creme. Before purchasing, I was hesitant only because I already use a light SPF moisturizer, worrying that the two together would create a greasy look that’s too heavy for my sensitive skin. Worries now nonexistent, this is one of my favorite purchases. The Priming Moisturizer leaves my skin with a dewy plumpness and although I don’t use any foundation or skin tints, it creates a smooth surface for the application of my blush and concealer. It’s a great moisturizer for layering products; after applying my SPF, I distribute a small amount onto my cheeks, nose and eyelids.


Boy Brow



Boy Brow does three things: thickens, fills and grooms. This is one of the most notorious products, I believe, created by Glossier and its functionality is true to its word. It creates face-framing eyebrows that appear very natural. For those of you who know me personally, I don’t wear heavy make-up often, or ever. I was clearly late to the brow game.  Now, I can quickly brush my eyebrows in a slanted upward motion and instantly they appear fuller and stay in place; resembling soft-hold gel.




The bread and butter of my minimal make-up routine, this dewy highlighter has quickly become a staple in my everyday regimen. I use Haloscope in the color Topaz on my cheek bones for a bronzed, healthy glow. While in the Glossier showroom, I tried both highlighters (Topaz and Quartz) and loved both, but Topaz complimented my skin tone best. The outside ring has crystal extracts and the white center you see is a solid-oil core. These together create a shimmery, dewy affect that leaves my skin glowing.


Rose Balm Dotcom 



This is a universal skin-salve, with a light-pink tint. I love the diverse usage it has, where you can apply it to lips, cuticles, dry skin, really anywhere that needs additional moisture. The tube is small enough to carry in your wallet or purse, so when you’re on the go you have a quick fix. The Balm Dotcom is a great priming salve before I put on lipstick. I’ll use a sugar scrub to get rid of dead skin on my lips and follow with the Rose Balm Dotcom.

These four products are definitely a gateway drug to a full-on Glossier addiction. They work together effortlessly to create a dewy, flushed and luminescent appearance. Unlike other lines, which aim to cover up imperfections, these products encourage you to embrace your features and take care of your skin.


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