Modern Day Woman

The other day at work, just as any day, I was going through the motions. With a stockpile of fake smiles, I greeted my tables and took their orders. One of my regulars came in, which brightened my day more than expected because after reading through my website, he sincerely told me that my personality resembled a mountain.

As I’ve mentioned before, women are no longer coy, submissive, indirect or passive. The modern day woman exudes femininity through their multifaceted personality. Like a mountain’s ridges, we can be rough around the edges and deep; intellectuals with many interests, complexities and layers. Unlike rolling hills, each ridge is distinctive and each crevice has depth.

mountain2Mountains dominate the skyline, their uniqueness breathtaking and subjective. They are seen by everyone differently, whether that’s from the base or flying over. Their statuesque landscape is sincere, with no boundaries and unbending. Their rigid, steep slopes make them admirable and although some may be challenging to climb, the experience can be life-changing.

Rather than personifying a rose, which is mainly known for its beauty, I believe all women resemble mountains, standing tall and strong. Its’ ridges and depth reflect our multidimensional personalities. You cannot ignore a mountain’s beauty, you cannot break it down, and its mysteriousness only adds to its allure.



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  1. LOVE this post. Great work!

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