2017 Resolution Guide

Juggernaut —
n. An overwhelming, advancing force that crushes or seems to crush everything in its path
“2016 is the juggernaut of history.”

For some, 2016 did not go as planned. A year comparable to an unstoppable vortex, taking Prince, Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Debbie Reynolds, and Harambe; just to name a few. With memes and twitter hashtags exploding all over social media, we are able to see a few short sentiments of how the population really feels.





Although 2016 looked bleary, 2017 is a time for fresh starts and new promises. As cliche as it sounds, it’s time to think up new resolutions for the upcoming year. Before shaking your head or thinking resolutions are a waste of time, I want to reinforce that setting goals for yourself to obtain is not a wasted effort.

Creating new resolutions for yourself shows drive, ambition, and leads you on the path to success. It’s important to think about the next step you want to take in life and put effort towards that because without doing so, you could end up remaining in a static placement.  With that being said, if you are serious about achieving your goals, then try writing out a structured list. Hang it in your room, fold it up into your wallet; the point is to look at this list everyday to constantly reinforce and strengthen your determination.

2017 Resolution Guide:

This guide is going to help you break-down your resolutions into 5 categories. Under each category, personalize the section to meet your specific needs.

  1. Capital
    Whether you are already a business professional, looking to establish your net worth goals or merely want to budget money better, this section is about managing your finances. As a young adult, it is vitally important to successfully set a budget for yourself, that you will at least try to follow. Without one, you are more likely to spend frivolously on items you probably don’t need.Comply with a preset monthly budget that works with your expenditures and income. In my personal resolution list, I document how much I make monthly from serving at Hooters working only 3 days a week; from there I set controls on how much I save, money for bills, what goes towards food and miscellaneous items.
  2. Career 
    Where do you see yourself in the next five years and how are you going to take steps getting there today? Set small goals for the next five or so months on things you want to accomplish in that time.In May of 2017 I will be graduating college with a Bachelors Degree, therefore by June 2017 my goal is to obtain a job offer or internship that is in my career field. This section is all about how you’re going to make small efforts that will build your credibility and resume up, helping you out in the long run.
  3. Health
    This can be divided into the subcategories: Physical Health and Mental Health. Both are equally important because your bodies physical health can affect your mental health and vice versa.Rather than opting out for the generic “bikini bod” resolution, set a goal for your body that is personalized. Maybe you want to workout more, so you set aside three days out of the week to focus on strength training. Maybe you want to relax your mind and body simultaneously, therefore you dedicate to specific days a week to a yoga session. Find out what your specific needs and wants are for your body, and work from there.
  4. Personal 
    Create a short-term goal designed for your interests specifically. Whether that is starting to learning a new language or learning to drive stick-shift. Think of something you’ve always wanted to do and make a list of actions you can put towards doing it. Creating a website was a personal goal of mine, which I’ve accomplished. With that being said, I’ve now set milestones for my personal site; like outreach marketing, gaining readership and a consistent audience. Maybe you have a Youtube Channel that you post sporadically on; set a goal for yourself to start uploading a video once a week, even if it’s only three minutes long.
  5. Travel
    The easiest section of all, create a list of places you want to travel in the next year. They do not have to be expensive trips flying to Europe, but maybe there’s a natural spring in your state thats perfect for kayaking, or maybe a 5 mile hiking trail you’ve been wanting to venture onto.


Writing or typing your goals down and having a physical copy will help you in 2017 to reinforce and fulfill your goals. Also, taking the time to do this exercise shows that you have ambition and are serious about your future. 2016 will probably go down in history as one of the most difficult years for some, but 2017 doesn’t have to be the same.


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