Lingerie and Female Empowerment

Lingerie is the most intimate form of dress. It is the first item that touches our skin and the last we take off, inherently a part of the foundation of our day. It is imperative to start with the right foundation in all aspects of life, starting with our bodies and the items we put on.

Often overlooked are the certain phases of getting ready, disregarding the intimates we slip into. As we awaken, our systems are ran on a bleary autopilot setting, slipping into undergarments from the top of the bin and continuing our morning ritual.

“Why should I invest in my lingerie when no one will see it?” A common question, bound to follow.

blog_lingerie2_circleTaking time and effort to wear beautiful intimates shows adornment for your body. The sexiness and confidence felt when wearing these undergarments should not stem from a man’s hollow compliments and undressing eyes. It is a form of self-appreciation, igniting feminine creativity while affirming self-worth.

“Correct lingerie gives not only correct contours, but a certain self-respect, which is even more valuable than a good figure.” 
- Elizabeth MacDonald Osborne, author of The Wide Range of Modern Lingerie.

What is significant about our intimate apparel is not so much what it does as what it means. It acts as a form of empowerment, as if wearing satin panties and a ruffle-detailed bralette make us feel invincible. Lingerie helps women delve into their sensuality, while boosting their confidence.

Think of lingerie as an instrument in generating a sense of ‘self’. When you dress for the day, you want to feel poised, self-aware, confident and comfortable. Incorporating delicate intimates into your dressing routine can enhance these feelings and may lead to intensified experiences and sensations of who you perceive yourself to be. What you think about yourself extends to how the world perceives you.

Lingerie acts as a mood enhancer and confidence booster. It contributes to raising your self-esteem through the different materials and styles worn. Lingerie can perform a significant role in the foundation of your day; how you feel about yourself and how the world perceives you. Invest wisely.
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  1. […] Lingerie allows us to freely express ourselves, even when we don’t want to project these emotions to the outside world. It enables us to express the multiple facets of personalities we have and help subtly reveal the feelings of body adornment, self-empowerment, and creativity. (I discuss this more in depth in the piece Lingerie and Female Empowerment) […]

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